Atsumi Myanmar
Lot No. B-5, Zone A, Thilawa SEZ Thanlyin Township, Yangon, Myanmar.

Manufacturing Facilities

We have invested substantially in manufacturing equipment to further enhance our capacities and to deliver high quality products to our clients. Our equipment include - One needle lock stitch machines, Two needle lock stitch machines, Zigzag stitch machines, over-lock sewing machines, interlock sewing machines, Flat three needle sewing machine, Other industrial machines, Auto Cutter, Conveyer needle detector, stretching machines, cutting machines, CAD machines, CAM machines, Seamless Flanging Machine, Seamless Stick a rubber, Straight Knife Cutting Machine, KBK Band Knife, Racing, Rolling Function, Auto Edge Alignment, Fabric Loosening.

Production Departments

Planning Department

The Planning department responds to customer service and strive to meet the demands in administrative areas, customers support, CAD pattern creation, minimum order quantity, shipment of products and more.

Production Department

The production department source fabric, lace, supplementary materials, elastic fabric, cotton or special fabric based on customer’s requests and prepare them for different production facilities.

Cutting Department

The cutting department manages the cutting production line using a band knife and Auto cutter. Fabric is marked using CAD and the cutting is performed with the high productivity and accuracy of CAM.

Sewing Department

The sewing department utilizes the skills and experience of our highly-trained staff and our modern industrial sewing machines to deliver high quality product.

Inspection Department

The Inspection department maintains strict quality control for domestic and international products according to the standards of our customers. Detailed checks are performed while comparing the products to the required standards, specifications and measurements. The products are put through a thorough inspection machine to ensure there are no needles or other metals (apart from some metals) present before being packaged.

Shipping Department

Once the quality controlled products are packaged to each customer’s specifications, the packages are put through and x-ray machine to check for any dangerous materials and once safety has been verified the products are shipped out.

Products Range

Atsumi Myanmar is a certified manufacturer of lingerie and we produce high quality products in accordance with strict standards set by our Clients. Our product range include but not limited to brasseries, girdles, briefs, foundation garments, panties, bustiers, nightwear, sportswear, swimwear, camisoles, bodysuits, innerwear for both men and women and trunk shorts.

Fire Safety Training

We have provided fire safety training, have practiced fire drills and have educated workers with fire prevention and have set out evacuation plans.